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Short and Useful Guide for Purchasing A Kanjivaram Saree

The hand-woven Kanjivaram silk has a texture and feels unlike any other fabric in India, Kanjivaram silk sarees are among the most searched sarees in the ...

The hand-woven Kanjivaram silk has a texture and feels unlike any other fabric in India, Kanjivaram silk sarees are among the most searched sarees in the country. Kanchipuram Saree shopping is a difficult process. You might need to test out a few alternative designs first. When you believe the challenging portion is done, the market is flooded with fake goods. As a result, you can doubt the authenticity of silk sarees that you purchase online. This article will act as a simple and practical buying guide for Kanchipuram saree.

This Blog is for you if you're getting married soon or want to add to your collection of silk saris.

What is it That You Need to Know?

As was already established, many sarees are falsely advertised as being from Kanchipuram. Most of them aren't produced with pure silk, and some aren't even from Kanjivaram.

The majority of individuals are unable to distinguish between real and fake sarees. Therefore, you need to have some basic knowledge before purchasing authentic Kanchipuram sarees online or at your local store.

Kanjivaram Sill Saree Types

Depending on the quality and cost, a Kanchipuram saree can be divided into several categories.

Authentic Pure Silk and Pure Zari - This saree is quite costly since the silk and zari are real. It is said to be the most inventive Kanchipuram saree. Three silk threads are used to weave the various parts of the saree.

Pure Zari and Silk/Polyester – It blends are lighter and less expensive alternatives to the original. Rather than being made of genuine silk, this saree is constructed of synthetic silk. This saree is woven using just one thread rather than three.

Pure Silk and Half-Fine Zari – Due to its popularity, you will probably purchase this saree. They are affordable and have beautiful colors.

What are the Things to Think About Before Buying a Kanjivaram Saree?

The following are some things to think about when purchasing your Kanchipuram bridal sarees:

Pure silk threads are used to create Kanchipuram sarees. However, the vendor needs to make it clear if it's a mixed saree. Additionally, search for the Indian Silk Mark Organization's certification of authenticity.

A "pure zari silk saree" must include just pure silver and gold, if you happen to see one. Silk and silver wire are woven together, and then gold is applied on top. Naturally, this will result in a price rise for the saree. Ask about the zari's veracity as a result.

The weaving craftsmanship of Kanchipuram sarees is their main selling point. To determine whether a saree is real, check the details. If there are any weaving imperfections, the product is almost certainly a knockoff. Therefore, make sure you properly check the saree before completing the purchase.

Affixation of the Pallu and Blouse

Threads are used to weave the saree's pallu and blouse together. This is the saree's brand-new appearance, just off the handlooms. This proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is a genuine saree.

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