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Top 55 Mehndi Designs for Kids

When your relatives had a wedding and the only thing you were enthusiastic about (apart from the delicious food) was getting your hands and feet dipped in ...

When your relatives had a wedding and the only thing you were enthusiastic about (apart from the delicious food) was getting your hands and feet dipped in lovely Mehndi designs. Everything changes as we get older, but our love for mehndi is the only constant. Women of all ages, whether granny or mother, sisters or aunts, enjoy trying numerous henna designs in every Indian home. While some prefer classic designs, today's girls choose to experiment with glitter henna, Arabic Mehndi designs, white henna designs, minimalistic designs, and henna tattoos.

But this is a post about the kids! This is a technique that children enjoy as well. And the reason for this is the incredible creativity that this entire process has to give. Children are typically fascinated and enthusiastic about new experiences. And Mehndi becomes the greatest alternative for them because it is long-lasting and inexpensive, as opposed to jewelry, which can break off and is costly. Furthermore, unlike the pen or marker that they frequently use to paint their bodies, Mehndi can withstand the test of time. The main issue with children is that, while applying henna to their tiny hands is a lengthy procedure, they are eager and dirty.

Because they are constantly moving, they cannot sit through such long hours of this process. As a result, it is always better to reduce their design to a minimal minimum. Although conventional motifs such as paisley, peacock, elephants, leaves, dot work, and meshworks, among others, can be integrated, they lack the room on their little hands to create elaborate designs.

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1. Butterfly Mehndi Design For Kids

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Butterflies are popular among children for a variety of reasons. They are brilliant, colorful, and incredibly lively. Furthermore, butterflies are a sign of liberation as well as calm and tranquillity. They fly around like free birds, sitting and drinking nectar from one bloom to the next. You can build a butterfly pattern like the one shown above and embellish it with flowery motifs. A leaf trail would also be a nice addition to the design. To grab the attention of the children, such designs must be unique.

2. Flowery Trail Mehndi Design For Kids

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There may not be a single child who does not enjoy a flowery path. Because of the bright patterns and simple design, a single trail done in Arabic style would be ideal for your child.

3. Bunch of Hearts Mehndi Designs For Kids

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Hearts are incredibly girlie right now, and they are also the simplest basic pattern. Children adore hearts! Hearts represent love and purity, and children draw them all over the place. I like how the core region of the hand is covered with a variety of small and large hearts, from simple to patterned. To break up the monotony, the fingers are covered in basic trail motifs.

4. Simplistic Floral Mehndi Pattern For Kids

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This is clearly a very simple design because there are no complicated designs. The flowers are done in incredibly dramatic designs, which takes very little time. The floral pattern in the photograph is quite lovely.

5. Cat Paw Mehndi Design For Kids

Children enjoy animals, especially those that they can pet. I believe cat imprints are wonderful, and kids are fascinated by them as well. Even better if you have a cat! These designs are incredibly simple and make youngsters happy!

6. Flowers and Chains Mehndi Design For Kids

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This design is not fully suitable for children. This one contains numerous typical "adult" Mehndi motifs. However, everything has remained as simple as possible. The design features meshwork and dot work, as well as a core floral pattern. Because children do not have that kind of patience, the drawings are drawn in strong strokes rather than complex ones. Furthermore, children are small balls of activity that can easily derail the hours worked on a single design.

7. Full Hand Mehndi Design

If you believe your child is capable of spending an hour getting a full-fledged Indian traditional design, you can choose this pattern for your hand. Although this design covers the entire hand, it is made up of several simple and straightforward designs that are not difficult to create.

8. Small Cartoon Character Mehndi Design For Kids

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Every child is fixated on a specific cartoon character who is his or her favorite! And if you're skilled at drawing, you'll have no trouble creating your favorite character! Cartoon characters have their charm, and I am confident that they will captivate the attention of your children. He or she would be pleased with their cartoon design. The one seen above is a simple cartoon design, but you can play with many others, such as any Looney Tunes character.

9. Shining Star Mehndi Design For Kids

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Nothing beats colors and sparkles to capture your child's attention! This pattern was created with colorful and glittery henna. Because we all learned in school about twinkle-twinkle little stars, stars are a terrific design option. Including something visually appealing is a great technique to get the kids to like it.

10. Peacock Mehndi Design For Kids

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Children like birds and animals, and fortunately, the peacock is considered an auspicious bird for any Indian occasion. I enjoy how the peacock pattern is finished with a peacock feather. All of the elements are done in bold patterns with very little delicacy. Nonetheless, the design appears to be brilliantly symmetrical.

11. Tree Mehndi Design For Kids

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This swirly tree is quite attractive and has a comical appearance as if it had rejuvenated itself directly out of a fairy tale! Is there anything else that makes it a kid's favorite? It is elaborative, simple, and attractive.

12. Owl Mehndi Design For Kids

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The old wise owl appears to be highly clever here. The design includes an entire scene in which the elderly person sits on a branch with leaves and flowers in full bloom. You may also observe that the dot patterns fill up the spaces effectively.

13. Paisley and flowers

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Flowers and paisleys are the most popular design concepts, and they are especially suitable for children because they are typically done with bold strokes and are simple to draw. Arabic patterns are superior to conventional Indian patterns because they include more gaps and spacing, as well as bolder strokes, and are thus easier for children to draw. Putting henna on a youngster can be a difficult task, but this design would be simple.

14. Traditional Mehndi Design For Kids

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This is a classic Mehndi design that would suit anyone from a child to an adult. This design may have been simplified more, but if your youngster is patient enough to go through the lengthy session, it will look fairly cute. A design like this would also make them feel more mature and would undoubtedly increase their confidence. This pattern is basic but attractive for your child to wear.

15. Flower Mehndi Design For Kids On Feet

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These small floral patterns are stunning. It has a simplistic design that is both stylish and well-made. It is difficult to achieve such precision with children.

16. Full Feet Mehndi Design For Kids

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Both the youngster and the artist struggled with this whole feet creation. It does, however, look wonderful with a big floral motif. The mesh design in between the flower trail is very lovely.

17. Turtle Mehndi Design For Kids

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We can't get enough of this one-of-a-kind turtle-shaped mehndi design, which is adorned with delicate dots, circular strokes, and a heart in the center. You can possibly draw it on your child's arm.

18. Swirly Mehndi Design For Kids

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These swirly patterns are ideal for children because they are simple and mix diverse aspects to make great designs.

19. Edgy Mehndi Design For Kids

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This design incorporates more curves than ever before. Because of the exquisite pattern, it almost appears to be an accessory or a piece of jewelry. This design, like the others, has a floral motif with prominent craftsmanship. It is an excellent design for children for any occasion.

20. Superman Mehndi Design For Kids

21. Flower Jewelry Mehndi Design For Kids

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This type of Mehndi serves two functions. First and foremost, it is not overly difficult. Second, it is an ornamental design, and with such a design, you would not need any jewelry. It is also easy because it does not cover the entire hand. The swirly and lovely patterns would be appealing to your child as well.

22. Chakra Mehndi Design For Kids

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A chakra, also known as a mandala, is a circular design that holds great significance in Indian culture. It refers to a complete cycle of life and death, often known as reincarnation. It adheres to the adage that "what goes around comes around." It is also extremely lucky for Indians. From the perspective of a child, this chakra pattern would instantly appeal to them because they enjoy varied geometrical designs, and it would also look very lovely on their little hands.

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23. Half Flower Glitter Mehndi Design For Kids

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The beauty of this flower Mehndi pattern has been increased only by adding the shimmering effect. I believe the glitter henna has elevated the aesthetic several notches. Aside from that, the flower is rather simple, as is the finger design, which consists of only a few lines and some dot work.

24. Name Mehndi Design For Kids

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It will always fascinate your children to see their names etched within their henna artwork. They will undoubtedly be pleased with their creations. Your children must have seen the growing trend of tattoos by now, and the Mehndi tattoo design is a perfect option because it is organic and would work just as well. Because it is not permanent, you can modify your designs according to your mood and the occasion.

25. Circle and Dots Mehndi Design For Kids

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This design is made up entirely of swirly circular designs and dot work. A few other designs, such as paisleys and floral work, have been added to the tips of the fingers. However, the main design is circular. It appears to be an ideal design for traditional Indian celebrations.

26. Bumble Bee Mehndi Design For Kids

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This tiny bumblebee is incredibly cute, and you've probably seen many cartoons with cute yellow bumblebees in them. It is ideal for children that enjoy such cute creatures! I adore how the bumblebee is resting on this lovely bloom, leaving a trail in her wake. It's a sweet design for your child.

27. Dotted Mehndi Patterns For Kids

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These teeny tiny dots create the most gorgeous designs that are also adorable for your children. The dots combine to make flower patterns.

28. Mickey Mouse Mehndi Design For Kids

This design is an Indianized variation of Mickey Mehndi's. The cartoon character is infused with the Arabic Mehndi trail, which appears to be very popular. This design combines the best of both worlds by incorporating a touch of traditionalism as well as the kids' favorite cartoon character.

29. Unicorn Mehndi Design For Kids

Even when they grow up, all the females are obsessed with unicorns! So there is no better design to make her ecstatic. She'll adore her design. 

30. Spongebob Themed Flower Mehndi Design For Kids

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As there is no child who does not enjoy Spongebob Squarepants, we attempted to incorporate him into this classic henna design pattern. In this flower, his face is clearly seen.

31. Smiley Mehndi Design For Kids

Children enjoy things that make them grin and laugh. Smileys are probably one of them. I like how each part has a smiley in the center. The smileys have been added to a flower in the central motif. Similarly, the bracelet is made up of smileys. I like how the tip of the fingers is supposed to be the simplest of all, yet a smiley is added.

32. Koi Fish Mehndi Design For Kids

image credit

In Japanese culture, a Koi fish represents good luck and wonderful fortune. Most significantly, children adore animals, and who wouldn't want a fluttering fish on their body? The fish's fins are flowing and lovely. It's appealing. Color glitters can also be used to improve the design's appearance.

33. Lotus Creeper Mehndi Design For Kids

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The lotus is used as the main theme in the design. Many more features have been added to this design, such as creepers, leafy trails, and dot work. All of these aspects come together to produce a lovely one.

34. Giraffe Mehndi Design For Kids

This giraffe is very cartoonish to look at and looks super cute. I like how the giraffe’s legs cover four of the child’s fingers. It is pretty funny. If a giraffe is your child’s favorite animal then I see no reason why he or she should not pursue such a design for their hands. A great relief from the typical floral patterns.

35. Flowers and Dots Mehndi Design For Kids

image credit

This design is really simple because it is largely made up of flowers and swirly designs. The design also includes dot work, which is the simplest way to fill in the gaps.

36. Creeper Mehndi Design For Kids

image credit

Give the shape of flowers and spirals connected to it if you want to keep the hand loaded with creeper simple and not a heavy look. To avoid Mehndi looking too heavy, don't fill in the petals or gaps. Because children are still oblivious to trends and styles, they prefer plain patterns.

37. Band Style Mehndi Design For Kids

A Rakhi-style mehndi pattern appears to be a tiny band spread across the palm. This design is perfect for the Raksha Bandhan event as well as regular family functions. Flowers of various sizes, dots, and teardrops have been used to give this band type a new mehndi design for kids, a distinct and special appearance.

38. Glittery Heart Mehndi Design For Kids

image credit

It appears to be a very intricate design for these tiny hands. However, the sparkly effect is appealing to small toddlers! The hearts and glitter are two fantastic items printed in a single pattern.

39. Little Flower Mehndi Design For Kids

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This design is appropriate for a small hand like this one or someone looking for something small. It is a simple single-flower pattern that is not overdone. It is not difficult to build and does not have any sophisticated patterns.

40. Starry Butterfly Mehndi Design For Kids

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This butterfly appears to be an angel, leaving trails of dazzling stars. The design is ideal for children because it combines nature and fantasy. Glitters can easily be added to make it more attractive.

41. Haathphool patterned Mehndi Design For Kids

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If you don't want to adorn your children's hands with cumbersome heavy gems or bangles when attending a wedding, you may get them decked with a lovely haathphool mehndi design like this. Those large flowers, dotted chain accents, and web-like patterns are just too appealing.

42. Half & Half Mehndi Design For Kids

image credit

This half-and-half mehndi design for kids is stunning, with one side of the hand completely covered in bold strokes and leafy designs and the other minimally done with dotting flowers. It appears to be a sophisticated mehndi design, yet it is quite simple to execute.

43. Half-moons and stars Mehndi Design For Kids

Cute things will never bore children. This is why we have created this lovely mehndi design for your baby girl. It has an intricate half-moon pattern made of dots and curving lines. Not to mention the lovely star pattern that completes this simple mehndi design.

44. Minimal bracelet Mehndi pattern For Kids

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The adage "less is more" works wonderfully everywhere. So, instead of full-coverage patterns, choose a sleek and simple one like this for your child. It's edgy and simple to make without any special skills.

45. Lace Like Mehndi Design For Kids

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This pattern is ideal for children who prefer simple Mehndi designs on their hands. It has a little floral motif on one side and a lacy pattern with interconnecting dots on the other. With forceful strokes, another lacy pattern is created on the middle finger. Dots are tempted to fill in the blanks. This design is simple yet unique, and it draws attention due to its elegance.

46. Geometric Mehndi Design For Kids

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We must create simple yet adorable mehndi designs for those tiny hands. Simply draw a flower in the middle of the palm by filling it in a circle and then drawing triangle shapes around it. Small dots near it or heart-shaped tattoos will work well for them. The design is simple to construct and requires little effort.

47. Arabic Mehndi Design For Kids

Domes in Arabic mehndi design make for wonderful backhand mehndi patterns, especially if you're searching for simple and easy mehndi designs for youngsters. Make two completely different patterns, which will keep your child entertained. You might also try out a simple ring design on one finger.

48. Lotus Mehndi Design For Kids

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This is a lovely backhand mehndi design for youngsters to wear during weddings, with a few circles added to a lotus in the center.

49. Rose Mehndi Design For Kids

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The rose mehndi designs are always appealing. This simple mehndi design for youngsters will be enthralled by the royalty of rose petals drawn on the skin in vibrant colors.

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50. Minimal Feet Mehndi Design For Kids

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This minimal uncomplicated mehndi pattern for kids' feet resembles a small wedding mehndi for feet, and we can't get enough of it.

51. Lattice Feet Mehndi Design For Kids

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This simple leafy line design is a graceful easy mehndi design for kids, making this tiny foot look as precious as ever.

52. Simple Side Feet Mehndi Designs For Kids

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This is another basic foot mehndi pattern for kids that will only require a few mehndi cone strokes. This is a cute and simple mehndi design for youngsters to wear this season.

53. Mandala and Ring Pattern Mehndi Designs For Kids

Do you want to try something new? Choose this stunning mandala pattern linked with a statement coil-like motif on the middle finger.

54. Simple Flower Mehndi Design For Kids

image credit

Another wonderful choice for children is this edgy Mehndi tattoo in the shape of a Flower.

55. Bold Pattern Mehndi Design For Kids

This design may appear to be quite satisfying, however, it is done with most simple motifs. It's essentially just some circular designs that come together to form flowers. It is done in a basic Arabic Mehndi style and therefore, looks pretty stylish. Such designs are simple and for sure will attract your kids. You probably wouldn’t need any other pattern to add to this design.

The Bottom Line

Getting a mehndi design should not be restricted to children. They must, however, be allowed to select a simpler pattern rather than the more sophisticated ones. Because they do not need to cover their entire hand, their designs must be simple and appealing. Just make sure to try the product first before applying it to your child's skin, as they often have sensitive skin.

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