What images do you have in your head when you consider Indian women? Saree, I think? This graceful and lovely attire is a representation of an Indian woman. Whoever is wearing a saree exudes elegance and femininity. Many women still favor sarees for formal occasions as well as for work and casual settings. Sarees were once the standard clothing for women. Youth and contemporary society both adore this traditional Indian attire, but in a manageable and practical way. Due to work stress, travel, etc., some people may not prefer wearing a saree daily because it can be difficult to drape.

However, there is a huge selection of sarees available online that can be chosen based on preferences, age, style, color, design, and occasion. Sarees are classic clothing items that flatter every Indian body type. Designers and celebrities alike adore the saree-clad contemporary chic look. Sarees continue to be favored as the best women's attire for formal occasions. Here is some advice on how to choose to wear sarees every day.


The saree's fabric is crucial to its comfort. You will not have to go to work every day in a cumbersome silk saree. Lightweight sarees like handloom sarees, chiffon sarees, linen sarees, georgette sarees, and cotton sarees are your best option if you want to wear them every day.

It should always be easy to move your hands around in the blouse. Avoid wearing bulky, or fancy, blouses with sarees that are worn for everyday wear to minimize discomfort. Even avoid wearing satin sarees because they are unwieldy and slick to walk in all day. As they are dazzling and seem to generate heat, net, and velvet sarees are inappropriate for daily wear sarees.

Design And Color

Sarees with subtle designs and light colors are frequently preferred by women who wear them as daily attire. For a dramatic look, Indian sarees are available in a variety of patterns and colors, including large motifs, printed sarees, embroidered sarees online, etc. Digital print, floral, check, traditional, and paisley print sarees are just a few examples of trendy daily wear sarees. Sarees with thin borders, lace borders, or prints are frequently chosen for daily wear. They can also be accessorized for social gatherings and casual events.


We wear regular sarees for a longer period since the style should be taken into consideration. While many styles, including those from Gujarat, Bengal, and Kerala, look elegant, they are not ideal for carrying all day. You should opt for standard drapery.

Always give as few pleats as you can because handling them when there are more pleats is frequently challenging. Wide pleats are preferable because they reduce the number of pleats, which makes them easier to manage. When it comes to pallu draping, go with what you prefer. It can be thrown free or pleated and pinned. Everyone has a personal preference, and it is up to you to make one. Making the pallu's length suit your needs is another trick.

Blouse Designs

A matching and well-fitted blouse are essential to achieving the best possible look for your saree online. For sarees worn for everyday wear, pick a blouse with the right neckline and sleeves, whether it is simple, traditional, or designer. Keep the sleeves short, long, or medium as your personal preference and choice. Sleeves come in a wide variety of styles, including caps, off-shoulder, slit, cold shoulder, puff, and more.

How to maintain your everyday wear saree?

Usual sarees are simpler to handle than the silk sarees you have set aside, especially for special occasions. They are simple because they only require washing, dry cleaning, and ironing. Get the appropriate accessories to match your regular saree attire. Petticoats are required to be worn underneath sarees. To tie it as tightly as you want, use a very handy petticoat that is the ideal height and size. Make sure you can move around and sit for an extended period.

Then follow the safety pins. Utilizing the least amount possible while keeping track of how many you have used will enable you to recover them all without losing any at the end of the day. You only need three pins in total to keep the saree in place. Take some pins with you so you can quickly fix your saree if it gets messed up. You can use a saree pin to align and keep the pleats secure in the pleat area as well.

You can maintain your sarees while wearing them every day because they appear to age quickly. Dry-washing and ironing is the most secure method of cleaning them. Except when you should avoid using a brush when washing it at home. With a soft detergent, mild washing is acceptable. Keep them cool and dry and let them air dry. This illustrates how simple and practical wearing a saree is every day.

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