Why Choose Kanjivaram Sari this Season?

Do you have any plans to get a Kanjivaram silk saree for this festive season? What started as a small miracle in Kanchipuram has since spread throughout the world. It would be exaggerated to claim that Kanchipuram sarees are loved by the majority of women worldwide. As a result, there are two categories into which women can fit.

One of the most well-known sarees from the south of India that is highly associated with ladies is the Kanjivaram saree. Kanchipuram, kanjeevaram, and Kanchi cotton saree are other names for the Kanchipuram saree. As implied by the name, it originated in Tamil Nadu’s Kanchipuram, which is also where sarees first emerged. These days, this saree is in style for many significant festivities, events, and festivals.

Kanjivaram silk sarees and other garments are woven in this style and have a touch of gold and silver along the borders. The zari, also known as the border, is believed to contain at least 0.6% gold and 57% silver. Furthermore, Geographical Indication was used to declare that the saree comes from India.

Making of Kanchipuram Saree

Unlike other silk sarees, Kanchipuram sarees are made from pure mulberry silk. The yarns are first soaked in rice water before being dried in the sun. This aids in the thickening and stiffening of the yarn. Furthermore, the thread is tightly woven with silver wire/yarn. The resulting thread is again interlaced with gold thread/yard. The thread for the cloth is now ready. The process of manufacturing a saree by hand-woven weaving begins here. This process yields a sturdy and long-lasting cloth. Each kanjivaram saree weighs around 2 kilos. Because the saree is made of actual gold and silver, it is more expensive than other sarees.

On rare occasions, at the request of the customer, the decorative pallu and borders for the saree are weaved first to achieve specific themes. The majority of the complex weaving features a zigzag pattern. It appears to be a beautiful choice for buyers.

Because of the exorbitant expense, individuals nowadays wear a lighter version of this saree made of synthetic yarn. This synthetic yarn saree is lighter in weight and less expensive. However, the durability is the same as that of a genuine Kanjivaram saree.

The Kanjivaram saree is typically 9 yards long, however, it is also available in 6-yard lengths. Weavers presently demonstrate their talents in making unique designs that cannot be compared to others, similar to those in modern sarees. Whether you’re shopping for a saree for a new bride or yourself, the Kanchipuram saree is always a top priority.


Kanjivaram saree is not like other silk sarees or normal sarees. The silk used is quite expensive and is not commonly utilized in saree production. When everyone sees the silk for the first time, they all have that “wow” expression that no one can deny.

According to a recent poll, purchasing a Kanjivaram saree is an investment rather than an expense.

The clock is ticking. The number of designs and themes is growing by the day, and it can be difficult to choose one preferred saree as new sarees are added to the list.

Remember to acquire these wow moment-giving sarees only from a reliable source. Kanjivaram saree collection with a range of hues, border designs, gorgeous embellishments, and so on.

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Kanchipuram Silk Sarees
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